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Burial Insurance in Arkansas

Besides providing a great way to plan for the high cost of funerals, burial insurance in Arkansas is also very easy and usually affordable to buy. Burial insurance companies may only ask two or three health questions, and some of them do not even need you to answer any questions about your health at all. Is funeral insurance a good solution for yourself or your elderly parents? You can learn more about local plans by entering your ZIP code in our online quotes system. If you have more questions, you are also welcome to call us to speak with a licensed agent. We can help you find good life insurance solutions for children, adults, and seniors.

Burial Insurance in Arkansas Quick Facts

  • AR. Expected life span: 75
  • Average household income: $40,531
  • Typical cost of a funeral and burial: Packages start at about $4,000
  • Typical cost of a cremation package: Packages start at about $700
  • Little Rock population: 193,524
  • Fort Smith population: 86,209
  • Fayetteville population: 73,580
  • Springdale population: 69,797
  • Jonesboro population: 67,263

Besides just the cost of a funeral and burial or cremation, families may also have other expenses to deal with. These could include settling debts, transferring an estate, and even paying medical bills. Since burial insurance policies pay in cash, the beneficiary is free to use some of the money to handle these typical expenses, and she is also free to keep any money that is left over as an inheritance.

How to Qualify for Burial Insurance for Seniors

Burial insurance companies make it very easy to qualify for this type of insurance. Simplified issue policies only ask a few health questions on the application, and guaranteed acceptance policies don’t require the answers to any medical questions at all. If possible, it is usually better to qualify by answering some basic medical questions because the policies that require more information typically offer an immediate death benefit and somewhat cheaper rates. Guaranteed acceptance policies may require the insured person to survive a waiting period before full benefits are payable, but they will either offer to return premiums or some part of the death benefit before that time. Even though adult children are free to help their parents find and pay for coverage, the person that will get insured does need to contribute to the process. For example, the insured person might need to sign a form or answer questions in a short telephone interview.

How Much Does an Arkansas Burial Policy Cost?

Premiums will vary because of age, location, and other factors. But these are some example monthly rates for an Arkansas female who is 65 and does not smoke:

  • Typical rates for $5,000 in coverage: $22.61
  • Typical rates for $10,000 in coverage: $42.61
  • Typical rates for $15,000 in coverage: $62.61

Let us Help You Find the Best Arkansas Burial Insurance for Seniors

If you would like to compare burial plans for mature adults from about 50 to over 80, we can help. Just enter your ZIP code in the box at the top of the page to see local companies that are eager to work with seniors. If you would like more assistance, you are welcome to call us in order to speak with an experienced agent. We hope to help as many people as possible find the right funeral insurance for themselves or their elderly parents.