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Burial Insurance in California

If you have been involved with planning a funeral, you know that this can turn into a major expense. One way that many local families plan for the cost of funerals and burials is to purchase burial insurance in California. These small policies are usually affordable and easy to purchase, and they can provide cash to take care of funerals and other final expenses. Would you like to compare burial insurance in California? If so, we would like to help you find a good policy for yourself or your elderly parents. Simply type your ZIP code into the quote box at the top of this page to see plans from top burial insurance companies in California. If you would like personal assistance, please call us and ask to speak with a licensed agent.

Facts About California Burial Insurance for Seniors

  • Expected life span: 78
  • Average household income: $61,400
  • Typical cost of funerals: The Trident Society says that average California funerals cost about $10,000 and cremation packages about $2,500.
  • Los Angeles population: 3,792,621
  • San Diego population: 1,307,402
  • San Jose population: 945,942
  • San Francisco population: 805,235
  • Freso population: 494,665

While some families save money by choosing cremation, that isn’t what everybody wants. Meanwhile, funeral insurance can provide an affordable way to make sure that there is plenty of cash to pay for any type of burial and funeral that the insured person desires. In some cases, seniors pay the premiums. In other cases, adult children offer to pay premiums for their parents. While adult children are welcome to help their elderly parents shop for final expense insurance, the individual who will get insured does need to get involved at the end of the application process. This can usually be done from home, and it often just involves a short phone interview.

How Much Does California Burial Insurance for Seniors Cost?

Prices will depend upon different things like health and age, but these are some example monthly rates for a 74-year-old woman in California who does not smoke:

  • $5,000 face value: $36.91
  • $10,000 face value: $71.51
  • $15,000 face value: $105.96

Will California Burial Insurance Companies Accept Seniors with Health Issues?

The good news is that almost all elderly people can qualify for a burial policy. These plans are usually open to applicants from age 50 to over 80. The trick is to find the right one. While guaranteed acceptance policies do not ask any health questions, simplified issue policies may ask a few medical questions. If possible, it is usually better to qualify for simplified issue coverage because rates will be cheaper and they offer a death benefit that is payable right after issuance. With guaranteed acceptance, there may be a waiting period that has to expire between buying coverage and the time that the insured person passes away. If the insured person dies before this period has passed, the insurance company might offer to pay beneficiaries a part of the full death benefit or simply refund premiums. However, this type of plan might be the only option for a very seriously ill older person.

Find the Best California Funeral Insurance Quotes Online or Over the Phone

Prices and benefits can vary between different insurance companies and different local areas in California. Simply enter your ZIP code in the box at the top of this page to see plans from top local companies. If you have more questions or prefer help over the phone, you are welcome to call and ask to speak with a licensed agent. We work hard to provide the right tools and services to help Californians find the right final expense insurance for their needs.