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Burial Insurance in Delaware

Do you need a way to prepare for the high cost of funerals and other final expenses? If so, burial insurance plans in Delaware offers a flexible and affordable option for many families. Since this is a kind of senior life insurance insurance, the company actually pays in cash. That means that the beneficiary does not have to use a particular funeral home in a particular location. Would you like to find affordable final expense insurance for yourself or for parents? If so, you are welcome to use our online quotes at any time. Simply type your home ZIP code in the box at the top of the page to get started. You are also welcome to call us with your questions.

Quick Facts About Burial Insurance in Delaware

  • Expected DE life span: 77.04
  • Average DE household income: $29,733
  • Typical DE funeral costs: About $8,300
  • Typical DE cremation costs: Starting at $895
  • Wilmigton population: 70,851
  • Dover population: 36,047
  • Newark population: 31,454
  • Bear population: 19,371
  • Middletown population: 18,871

Cremations can get much more expensive once funeral services get added. Also, many families still prefer having a traditional funeral.

How Much Do Delaware Burial Insurance Companies Charge?

Delaware burial insurance companies base their prices mostly upon age and health. To illustrate this, consider sample prices for a Delaware woman who smokes and is 76 years old:

  • $5,000: $50.21
  • $10,000: $97.43
  • $15,000: $144.64

While the price of an average burial policy makes it affordable for many seniors, some grown children offer to make payments for their parents. While others are allowed to pay, the actual insured individual has to help with the application. For example, that person may need to take a short phone survey or provide a signature.

Who Can Buy a Delaware Burial Policy?

Senior life insurance companies offer plans to senior citizens, and they don’t expect all applicants to enjoy perfect health. In fact, you can even find guaranteed acceptance plans for seniors that don’t need the answers to any health questions. However, these plans usually impose a waiting period before they pay the entire death benefit. Before that, the beneficiary may only be entitled to a partial settlement or getting premiums refunded. Relatively healthy older people might find that they can still answer a very few health questions and qualify for a simplified issue plan. These plans offer cheaper prices, an immediate death benefit, and more benefit level choices. Also, some of these plans are offered to people over 80.

Shop for the Best Final Expense Insurance in Delaware

We can help you compare plans and prices for yourself or your elderly parents. Start by providing your ZIP code to our online quote form. After comparing local options, you are also free to call us. Our experienced agents want to help. With the right combination of tools and personalized advice, we find our clients the best policy at an affordable premium.