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Burial Insurance in Hawaii

Hawaiians can say Aloha to another way to plan for the cost of funeral arrangements. Most burial insurance policies pay a cash benefit, and this gives the beneficiary choices when it comes time to spend the money on a burial and other final expenses. In fact, the beneficiary is free to keep any money that is left over after making funeral arrangements. That makes burial insurance a flexible and convenient way to prepare for the future. Let us help you compare burial insurance companies in Hawaii. Get online quotes by providing the form at the top of this page with your local ZIP code. Pick up the phone and call if you want to talk to an experienced agent.

Burial Insurance in Hawaii Statistics

  • Expected HI life span: 80.23
  • Average HI household income: $67,492
  • Typical HI funeral costs: $9,000
  • Typical HI basic cremation package: $895
  • Honolulu population: 371,657
  • Pearl City population: 47,698
  • Hilo population: 43,263
  • Kailua population: 38,635
  • Waipahu population: 38,216

Costs of a Hawaii Burial Policy
Typically, burial insurance companies base their prices upon the location, health, tobacco use, gender, and location of each applicant. These are a few sample rates for a Hawaii woman who is 76 and does not use tobacco:

  • $5,000: $42.57
  • $10,000: $82.94
  • $15,000: $123.31

Important: These prices are only examples, and they might be different because of the company, location, and health underwriting. Some seniors buy plans to help protect their families. In other cases, their grown children offer to pay for their elderly parents. No matter who offers to pay, these are a couple of things to remember. First, the person who gets covered has to help with the application by answering questions over the phone or signing the application. Second, the best way to pay is to set up automatic debits against a checking or savings account.

Can Everybody Buy a Burial Policy?
If you want to buy burial insurance, you do not have to worry about answering health questions. Guaranteed approval life insurance for seniors accepts every qualified applicant, and preexisting medical issues are not a problem. However, companies use a waiting period instead of medical questions to protect themselves. If the covered person does not outlast the waiting period, the plan will only pay the beneficiaries some part of the death benefit or return the premiums. On the other hand, most relatively healthy older people can still qualify for a burial plan that requires the answers to a few health questions. By answering these questions, the individual has a chance to get cheaper rates, an immediate death benefit, and more benefit choices.

Let us Help You Find the Best Senior Life Insurance in Hawaii

Actually, we can work with you to find the right life insurance for everybody from children to senior citizens over 80. Start comparing local companies, quotes, and benefits by entering a ZIP code in the quote box on top of this site. We can help you find the right policy for your children, yourself, or your parents.