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Burial Insurance in Idaho

Idaho burial insurance policies help families plan for the high cost of burials and other expenses that tend to occur after a family member dies. Also, buying life insurance for seniors ensures the beneficiary of a cash payment that is not linked to a specific location. Since it is not always possible to predict the future, this provides a more flexible option than some other funeral planing solutions. Compare final expense insurance quotes online by entering your home ZIP code in the box on this page. After comparing burial insurance companies that market products in your town or city, give us a call to get your questions answered by a licensed agent.

Statistics About Burial Insurance in Idaho

  • Expected ID life span: 78.29
  • Average ID household income: $47,015
  • Typical ID funeral costs: $7.000 to $10,000
  • Typical ID cremation package: From under $1,000 to over $2,500
  • Boise population: 145,987
  • Nampa population: 81,557
  • Meridian population: 75,092
  • Idaho Falls population: 56,813
  • Pocatello population: 54,255

Note that funeral costs may not include the actual plot. Cremation seems cheaper, but expenses can mount after adding in a funeral or memorial service. Meanwhile, a burial policy can provide the money to handle the funeral arrangements of your choice. The beneficiary is also free to keep any money left over.

How Much Does an Idaho Burial Policy Cost?

Burial insurance companies determine their monthly prices based upon the age and health of the applicant. They may also have rates for smokers and no-smokers. This is a sample monthly price guide for a 69-year-old woman in Idaho who doesn’t use tobacco:

  • $5,000: $27.01
  • $10,000: $50.80
  • $15,000: $74.14

Note: These are only sample rates. They could change because of the company or underwriting. Often, seniors find these rates affordable. In other cases, grown children or grandchildren offer to pay for elderly parents. Regardless of who pays, these are things to consider:

  • The individual who needs insurance has to participate, and he or she is usually needed to sign a paper application or take a quick telephone interview.
  • The best way to pay is to set up automatic ACH payments from a bank account.

Idaho Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors

There are two basic types of final expense insurance. One type, sometimes called guaranteed acceptance, asks absolutely no health questions. The other kind, sometimes called simplified issue, asks a few health questions. But these questions are not meant to disqualify relatively healthy and active people. Companies that sell these products know that many of their clients are seniors, so they don’t decline people with typical medical issues that happen as folks age. If possible, it is better to qualify for immediate benefits and cheaper premiums by answering a few questions. With guaranteed issue burial insurance for seniors, the company will place a waiting period on these types of policies. The insured person must survive that period before the policy pays the full benefit. If the insured person doesn’t survive, the plan might only offer to return premiums or pay some defined percentage of the face value. However, guaranteed acceptance plans can provide a solution for applicants who have serious medical problems. After you look at the application, you should be able to determine which type of policy to apply for. If not, contact us for help

Compare Burial Insurance Quotes Online or Over the Phone

Finding the right burial plan for yourself or your parents can assure you of the best benefits and prices. Begin by entering your local ZIP code into the quote box at the top of this form. After browsing local plans and prices, you are welcome to call us for help from a licensed agent. We provide life insurance solutions for clients from childhood to over 80.