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Burial Insurance in Kansas

Many older people realize that they have not outgrown their need for life insurance. There is a kind of burial life insurance for seniors, often called a burial insurance plan, that is very easy for most seniors to apply for. Many families also find that final expense insurance provides an affordable way to plan for the rising cost of funerals and other final expenses. These plans offer cash death benefits, and this leaves the beneficiaries free to spend the proceeds in any way that they need to. Do you need help comparing Kansas burial insurance companies? Use our free online system to compare companies and quotes. You only need to provide your local ZIP code to get started. After reviewing rates and plans, contact us to consult with an experienced agent.

Quick Facts About Burial Insurance in Kansas

  • Expected KS life span: 77.79
  • Average KS household income: $51,273
  • Typical KS funeral cost: Over $8,000
  • Typical KS cremation package: From about $795
  • Wichita population: 382,368
  • Overland Park population: 173,372
  • Kansas City, KS population: 145,786
  • Olathe population: 127,473
  • Lawrence population: 125,872

Kansas Final Expense Insurance Costs

Rates for a burial policy may depend upon age, location, gender and tobacco use. These are example monthly premiums for a Kansas male who is 57 and does not smoke:

  • $5,000: $19.54
  • $10,000: $35.55
  • $15,000: $51.57

Please note: These prices are only samples, and they might vary because of health, exact location, and company pricing policies. Sometimes, seniors purchase these policies to help provide cash for their families. Other times, adult children will offer to pay the premiums for their elderly parents because they are the ones who will actually benefit. In either instance, the person who needs insurance must get involved in the application process. That person might need to sign forms or answer questions over the telephone. We also suggest setting up an automatic payment plan through a bank account. This keeps the policy from lapsing because of a missed payment.

Kansas Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors

Guaranteed acceptance policies that ask no health questions appeal to people with serious medical problems. While companies offer these plans to any qualified applicant, they do impose waiting periods before they will pay the entire death benefit. Usually, waiting periods last for two or three years. If the insured person doesn’t survive the waiting period, the company may only refund premiums, often with interest, or pay a specified portion of the face value. Meanwhile, many active older people can still qualify for simplified issue plans. These do require the answers to a few questions about health, but they do not require a medical exam. Simplified issue policies offer cheaper rates, higher benefit levels, and an immediate death benefit. Minor preexisting health issues should not disqualify applicants from simplified issue plans.

How to Find the Best Kansas Burial Insurance Companies

We have made shopping for the right company and plan as easy as possible. You are welcome to shop for yourself or for your parents. Begin comparing prices and benefits by entering a local ZIP code in the quote box. After you see personalized quotes, you are welcome to call us for assistance. By offering our clients both web-based insurance tools and service from experienced agents, we can help find the best life insurance for children, young adults, and even senior citizens over 80.