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Burial Insurance in Kentucky – Are You Protected?

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is always difficult, and the high cost of funerals can place additional stress on family members who are already grieving. One way to prepare for this expense is to purchase a burial insurance policy in Kentucky. These plans, also sometimes called funeral insurance or final expense insurance, can provide cash to pay for burials and other final expenses. The good news is that many burial insurance companies offer affordable burial insurance in this state. Let us help you find affordable funeral insurance in a few easy steps. Start by providing the form at the top of this page with your home ZIP code. You will see top burial insurance companies that do business in your part of Kentucky. After that, you are welcome to call for more information or for help enrolling from a licensed agent.

Statistics for Burial Insurance in Kentucky

  • Expected life span: 75.2
  • Average household income: $42,610
  • Typical cost of a funeral and burial: According to the Kentucky Funeral Director’s Association, the average cost of a Kentucky funeral is $5,000 to $6,000.
  • Typical cost of a Kentucky cremation package: $695 to $1,395
  • Louisville population: 597,337
  • Lexington-Fayette population: 295,803
  • Bowling Green population: 58,067
  • Owensboro population: 57,265
  • Covington population: 40,640

How do average families pay for funerals? Some pay out of pocket, but many make arrangements in advance. Burial insurance for seniors allows seniors or their families to make convenient monthly payments to ensure that there will be plenty of cash to pay for a dignified Kentucky funeral.

The Cost of a Kentucky Burial Policy

Monthly rates depend upon the individual, and the exact location, age, and health could impact rates. However, these are some example rates for an 80-year-old Kentucky woman who does not smoke:

  • Example for $5,000 coverage: $53.96
  • Example for $10,000 coverage: $105.31
  • Example for $15,000 coverage: $156.66

Note: These prices are only examples, and they are subject to underwriting and changes. Some seniors choose to purchase burial insurance in order to relieve their families from worry over the cost of a funeral. In other families, adult children agree to pay the premiums because they are the ones who will actually benefit from the policy. Also, it does not matter who pays the premiums, but the person who will get named on the insurance policy does have to get involved in the process of applying. For example, a burial insurance company might require a short phone interview.

Is it Hard to Qualify for Kentucky Funeral Insurance?

You can find burial plans that ask very few health questions, and you can even find plans that do not require answering any health questions at all. Typically, the kind of questions asked on these short applications are not about minor medical issues, and most relatively healthy seniors can qualify. Others can choose guaranteed acceptance policies that accept everybody. The best burial plan choice really depends upon the price, benefits offered, and the age and health of the applicant.

Let Us Help You Compare Kentucky Burial Policies

Shopping for a good funeral policy does not need to be difficult. If you enter your ZIP code in our online quote form, you can see a list of top burial insurance companies in your Kentucky town or city. This gives you a chance to compare prices and plans online. If you need more assistance, feel free to call and ask to speak with an experienced and licensed agent. We hope to provide personal service and convenient online tools to help all of our clients find the right solution to help prepare for the cost of funerals.