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Burial Insurance in Minnesota

Do you worry that age or preexisting health conditions will prevent you from buying life insurance? Actually, there is a type of life insurance for seniors that is sometimes called final expense insurance or funeral insurance. Because these plans accept most applicants, they can provide an easy and affordable way to plan for the future. Compare burial insurance companies in Minnesota to find the best rates and benefits. Simply type a ZIP code into the form on this page. You are also welcome to call us if you have questions or would like help signing up.

Burial Insurance in Minnesota Statistics

  • Expected MN life span: 79.26
  • Average MN household income: $59,126
  • Typical MN funeral costs: About $,9000
  • Typical MN cremation package: Starting at $695
  • Minneapolis population: 382,578
  • Saint Paul population: 285,068
  • Rochester population: 106,769
  • Duluth population: 86,265
  • Bloomington population: 82,893

Minnesota Burial Policy Costs

Everybody gets different rates because Minnesota burial insurance companies base their prices upon each applicant’s health, tobacco use, age, gender, and geographic region. However, you might be interested in these sample premiums for a Minnesota woman who is 61 and doesn’t smoke:

  • $5,000: $19.25
  • $10,000: $36.30
  • $15,000: $53.35

Note: These are only sample rates, and they could be different for you because of your location, the insurance company, and your health. You are free to help your elderly parents shop for a burial policy, and you can even pay the bill. However, the person who applies does need to help. The applicant may either have to answer a few questions on the phone or sign an application. Also, we suggest paying with an automatic draft from a savings or checking account. This can actually save you money, and it makes sure that the plan does not get terminated because somebody forgot to pay the bill.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Coverage in Minnesota

You may have heard that you can apply for funeral insurance without needing to answer any health questions. Indeed, guaranteed acceptance insurance accepts all qualified applicants. But when plans don’t ask any medical questions, they do have a waiting period before the plan pays out the full face value. If possible, it is better to answer a few health questions and try to qualify for a policy that pays out an immediate death benefit. You should also be able to get a larger death benefit at a cheaper price.

Compare Minnesota Life Insurance for Seniors or Your Parents

We can even help many seniors over age 80 find affordable burial plans. Compare companies, quotes, and benefits by entering your ZIP code in the online life insurance quote form at the top of this web page. Pick up the phone to call us if you would prefer to speak with a licensed agent. Let us help you find the right coverage at the right price.