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Burial Insurance in Montana

Does your family need a way to plan for expenses associated with the death of a loved one? Anybody who has been involved in funeral planning recently knows that funerals and other final expenses can end up costing several thousand dollars. Burial insurance coverage provides many local families with a convenient and affordable solution. We also provide a convenient way to find the right burial policy in your town or city. Enter a ZIP code in the quote box to compare burial insurance quotes on your PC. Shop for your own needs or for your parents. You are also welcome to call our office and ask to speak with an experienced senior burial insurance agent.

Burial Insurance in Montana Statistics

  • Expected MT life span: 77.74
  • Average MT household income: $45,456
  • Typical MT funeral costs: $8,000 to $10,000
  • Typical MT basic cremation: $795
  • Billings population: 104,170
  • Missoula population: 66,788
  • Great Falls population: 58,505
  • Bozeman population: 37,280
  • Butte population: 34,190

How Much Does a Montana Burial Policy Cost?

Burial insurance companies determine rates because of an applicant’s location, age, gender, and health. For example, these are some sample prices for a woman who does not smoke and is 76:

  • $5,000: $34.76
  • $10,000: $66.91
  • $15,000: $99.06

Note: These sample prices could vary because of company, location, and health. Some seniors find these prices affordable. In other cases, grown children also volunteer to pay the premiums for their elderly parents because they will benefit the most from the proceeds of the policy. No matter who pays the premiums, the person who needs insurance has to help with the application. Insurers might ask that person to answer questions over the phone or provide a signature. Also, we suggest paying with an automatic payment plan. That way, the coverage won’t lapse if somebody misplaces the bill or forgets to send it in.

Guaranteed Approval Life Insurance for Seniors in Montana

Even older people with preexisting health problems can qualify for guaranteed approval life insurance. These plans do not need you to answer any health questions. However, insurers use a waiting period when they don’t ask health questions. This means that the covered person has to live longer than that waiting period to qualify for the full face value. Most active and reasonably health older people can still qualify for a plan that does as a few questions. In return, these people can enjoy cheaper prices, an immediate death benefit, and more choices.

Compare the Best Montana Burial Insurance Companies

You should compare local plans to find top companies with affordable prices and good benefits. Get online quotes by entering a ZIP code in our quote form. If you prefer to speak with an experienced agent, give us a call. We provide life insurance solutions for your entire family, and we can serve kids, young adults, and even elderly people over 80.