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Burial Insurance in Nevada

After a loved one passes away, some families are burdened by the cost of funerals and other final expenses. Besides a funeral service and a burial, there could be other bills for housing guests, traveling to another city, or even transporting the body. In order to prepare for these expenses, many families purchase a burial insurance policy in Nevada. This is a type of life insurance for seniors that has been designed to be very easy for seniors to apply for. Compare companies and quotes for find the right Nevada burial policy for you or your elderly parents. You can begin online by entering a ZIP code in the form here on this site. If you need more help, call and ask to speak with a licensed life insurance agent.

Quick Statistics About Burial Insurance in Nevada

  • Expected NV life span: 76.05
  • Average NV household income: $54,083
  • Typical NV funeral costs: $8,350
  • Typical basic NV cremation: $795
  • Vegas population: 583,756
  • Henderson population: 257,729
  • Reno population: 225,221
  • Paradise population: 223,167
  • North Las Vegas population: 216,961

Nevada Final Expense Insurance Costs

Companies offer rates that are based upon health, age, gender, smoking, and city. As an example, these are example prices for a Nevada male who is 51 and doesn’t smoke:

  • $5,000: $16.01
  • $10,000: $29.81
  • $15,000: $43.62

Important: These example prices might be different for you because of the company, health underwriting, and location. Lots of families find the rates affordable. While some older people buy their own coverage, some adult children also offer to pay premiums for their parents. Regardless of who pays, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Like other insurance, it is best to sign up for an automatic payment plan to make sure the policy won’t lapse because of a missed bill.
  • Even if another family member pays, the insured person has to get included in the application process.

Do Nevada Burial Insurance Companies Accept Everybody?

You can buy guaranteed acceptance life insurance for seniors without having to answer any health questions. However, the covered person must survive a waiting period of two or three years in order to qualify for the whole face value. If the covered person passes away before that, the policy might offer to return premiums or pay a defined portion of the full face value. By answering a few health questions, most active seniors can qualify for a plan that pays an immediate death benefit. These policies are also cheaper and may offer a larger selection of benefits.

Compare the Best Burial Insurance Companies

You don’t have to leave home to shop for the right benefits and prices. Get online quotes by entering your ZIP code in our form. To speak with an agent, simply call us. We can help you with life insurance for anybody from kids to grandparents over 80. We provide side-by-side company comparisons in order to help our clients find good coverage from top companies.