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Burial Insurance in North Carolina

There are many reasons why seniors and their families consider the purchase of a burial insurance plan in North Carolina. Some just want to be certain that they have plenty of money to pay for a nice funeral, which can cost several thousand dollars, and others hope to purchase enough coverage to leave beneficiaries with extra cash as an inheritance. Typically, an applicant’s age, health, and budget will determine which funeral insurance policy and company is the right choice. Do you need help comparing burial insurance for seniors? Type your ZIP code into the quote box at the top of this page to get quotes from top burial life insurance companies in your North Carolina city. If you want more information, you are also welcome to call us to speak with a licensed agent.

Quick Facts About Burial Insurance in North Carolina

  • NC Expected life span: 76.2
  • Average household income: $46,450
  • Typical cost of a funeral and burial: About $8,300 with the grave site included
  • Typical cost of a cremation package: From under $1,000 to over $2,000
  • Charlotte population: 731,424
  • Raleigh population: 403,892
  • West Raleigh population: 338,759
  • Greensboro population: 269,666
  • Winston-Salem population: 229,617

The Cost of a North Carolina Burial Policy

Final expense insurance may be offered with death benefits, or face values, from about $5,000 to about $35,000. Prices depend upon age, health, amount of coverage, local area, and the insurers. The amount of coverage you can buy may depend upon age and health. This is an example monthly rate for a North Carolina man who is 50 and does not smoke:

  • $5,000 face value: $15.51
  • $10,000 face value: $28.82
  • $15,000 face value: $42.13

Note that these prices are only intended to be examples, and they are subject to change and underwriting. Some people purchase a burial policy for themselves, but often, adult children offer to pay the premiums for their elderly parents. It does not really matter who pays the premium, but these are some things to keep in mind:

  • The person who will get insured does need to participate in the application process by taking a short phone interview or signing a form.
  • It is easy to set up ACH payments from a checking or savings account to ensure that the policy does not lapse.

Who Can Buy a Burial Policy for Seniors in North Carolina?

Almost everybody can qualify for some time of plan. When the policies state that they are for senior citizens, they are usually open to applicants from about 45 to 80. Some burial insurance companies even offer plans to people over 80, but those people usually have to be in fairly good health for their age. While guaranteed acceptance life insurance plans do not ask any health questions, simplified issue burial plans do ask a few. By answering a few health questions, applicants might qualify for cheaper prices and slightly better benefits. We urge all of our clients to compare prices, benefits, and company reputation before making a decision.

Find the Best Burial Policy Online or Over the Phone

We try to make shopping for the right funeral insurance as easy and convenient as possible. This is true if you are looking for coverage for yourself or your parents. Simply begin by entering your ZIP code in the quote box at the top of this web page to see quotes and plans from a variety of companies that offer products in your town or city. After comparing different plans and companies, call us if you need to speak with a licensed agent. We provide both online tools and personal assistance to help all of our clients find a good deal from a good company.