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Burial Insurance in Pennsylvania

Has your family ever discussed the cost of today’s funerals and burials? If so, you may wonder if there is a good way to plan for this expense. You can purchase a burial insurance policy in Pennsylvania which will ensure that there is plenty of cash to pay for a proper funeral, and any money that is left over can get saved or spent in any way that the beneficiary pleases. We would like to help you compare the best burial insurance companies in your Pennsylvania city or town. You can simply type your local ZIP code into the box on the top of each page of this website in order to compare burial insurance in Pennsylvania. If you would like more help from a licensed agent, please give us a call.

Statistics About Pennsylvania Funeral Insurance

  • PA Expected life span: 77.2
  • Average PA household income: $52,267
  • Typical PA cost of funerals and burials: Approximately $8,300
  • Typical cost of a PA cremation package: From about $695 to $2,495
  • Philadelphia population: 1,526,006
  • Pittsburgh population: 305,704
  • Allentown population: 118,032
  • Erie population: 101,786
  • Scranton population: 88,082

How Much Does a Pennsylvania Burial Policy for Seniors Cost?

Burial insurance companies base their prices on age, benefits, and sometimes, health. The key is to find a good company with the right product for your own situation, and that is not always the cheapest one. However, these are some example prices for a Pennsylvania woman who is 81 and does not use tobacco:

  • $5,000: $57.51
  • $10,000: $112.61
  • $15,000: $167.61

Note that these monthly rates are only samples, and they could be subject to underwriting and vary between companies and locations.

Many seniors purchase these policies on their own, but very often, grown kids offer to pay the premiums for elderly parents. In any case, it is a good idea to set up automatic payments from a checking or savings account to be certain that the policy does not lapse. Also, even though other family members are free to pay the premiums, the individual on the policy must get help with the application. This could simply consist of taking a short telephone interview or signing a form.

Can Anybody Buy Final Expense Insurance in Pennsylvania?

The hardest part is not finding a plan that will accept an older person, but it is finding the right plan for yourself or your parents. If you are worried about pre-existing medical conditions, you should know that guaranteed acceptance life insurance does not require the answer to any health questions. These plans are already marketed to seniors, and companies know that applicants could range in age up to people who are over 80. However, relatively health people might consider finding a plan that does ask a few questions because they might get a cheaper price and somewhat better benefits. For example, guaranteed acceptance life insurance usually will not pay out the full face value until a waiting period has passed. Before that time elapses, the plans may only offer to return premiums, sometimes with interest, or pay the beneficiaries a percentage of the full face value.

Find the Best Burial Policy

Comparing prices, benefits, and the reputation of various companies that do business in your local area is always a good idea. To accomplish this, we provide online quotes, and you only need to enter your ZIP code in the form at the top of the web page to get started. We also have licensed agents who are eager to answer your questions, so you can give us a call. By providing online tools and individual services, we hope to help our Pennsylvania clients find the right burial policy for their needs.