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Burial Insurance in Washington

Have you planned a funeral recently? If so, you probably already know that the price is shockingly high. If you are concerned about the high cost of funerals and burials, you might consider purchasing burial insurance. These plans are common, easy to apply for, and they pay cash benefits to the beneficiary. This means that the heir to the proceeds from funeral insurance is free to use that cash in any way that she needs to. We can help you find the best burial policy for your own unique needs and budget. Start shopping for your elderly parents or yourself by providing the online quote box with your ZIP code. After you view local quotes and burial insurance companies, you are also free to call us and ask to speak to a licensed agent.

Quick Facts About Burial Insurance in Washington

  • Expected WA life span:
  • Average household income in WA: $59,374
  • Typical cost of a WA funeral and burial: About $8,350
  • Typical cost of a WA cremation package: $495 to $1,495
  • Seattle population: 608,660
  • Spokane population: 208,916
  • Tacoma population: 198,397
  • Vancouver population: 161,791
  • Bellevue population: 122,363

While some families choose cremation because it is cheaper than a burial plot, the price of the cheapest packages will not include a service and a number of other expenses that tend to crop up after a loved one passes away.

How Much Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?

Burial insurance companies determine their rates based mostly upon age, but health and location might also be factors. We also suggest comparison shopping because some companies are more competitively priced than others. This is a sample monthly price for a Washington woman who is 51 and does not use tobacco:

  • $5,000: $12.34
  • $10,000: $21.53
  • $15,000: $30.71

Note that these are only example prices, and your quote might be different because of your location and health underwriting. Who can pay for Washington funeral insurance? Some people purchase this protection for themselves, but others offer to make the payments for elderly parents. No matter who pays, it is a good idea to set up a monthly ACH debit to prevent lapses. Also, the insured person will need to get included in the application process. A simple phone interview or a signature on the application may be required.

Can Everybody Buy a Washington Burial Policy?

Preexisting medical issues should not prevent applicants from finding a policy. Guaranteed life insurance for seniors asks no health questions, and these plans might be available to people from early middle age to over 80. Another type of plan, called simplified issue, does as a few questions, but they do not care about minor medical issues. Relatively health seniors should try to qualify for simplified issue. The rates are lower. Also, benefit levels may be higher, and those benefits are fully payable as soon as the coverage gets issued. With guaranteed burial life insurance for seniors, there will be a waiting period, so the applicant must survive that waiting period in order to qualify her beneficiaries for the full face value. If that person passes away before this waiting period ends, the plan may only refund premiums, sometimes with interest, or pay out some percentage of the full face value.

Compare Washington Senior Life Insurance for Parents or Yourself

We offer online final expense insurance quotes to help you compare different plans and prices. Simply put your local ZIP code in the box to begin. If you have any questions, feel free to call our number and ask to speak with an experienced agent. By providing Internet insurance tools and individual service, we work hard to help our Washington clients find the best senior life insurance for their needs and budget.