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Burial Insurance in Wisconsin

Burial insurance plans in Wisconsin provides a convenient and affordable way to prepare for the rising cost of funerals and other final expenses. If you worry about paying for a dignified funeral and other bills that tend to appear after a family member dies, consider purchasing this type of senior life insurance. Compare funeral insurance rates and plans with our online quotes 24/7. Simply provide your local ZIP code to get started. If you would like more help, call us during business hours to speak with a licensed senior life insurance agent.

Burial Insurance in Wisconsin Statistics

  • Expected WI life span: 78.56
  • Average WI household income: $52,627
  • Typical cost of a WI funeral and burial: Over $8,000
  • Typical cost of a WI cremation package: From under $1,000 to over $2,000
  • Milwaukee population: 594,833
  • Madison population: 233,209
  • Green Bay population: 104,057
  • Kenosha population: 99,218
  • Racine population: 78,860

While cremations are becoming increasingly popular because they usually cost less, families may incur extra expenses to hold a service as with any funeral. A final expense insurance policy can make certain that your family has plenty of money to plan a dignified funeral and pay other bills like travel expenses or feeding guests.

How Much Money Does a Wisconsin Burial Policy Cost?

We always suggest shopping around because some burial insurance companies are more competitive than others. Besides that, companies base their rates upon health, age, and location. These are some examples of sample monthly premiums for a Wisconsin man who is 67 and doesn’t smoke:

  • $5,000: $30.96
  • $10,000: $58.91
  • $15,000: $86.87

Note: The rates above are just samples, and they could depend upon the company, location, and health underwriting. Either the applicant or family members might pay premiums. While it does not matter if you decide to buy coverage for yourself or for elderly parents, there are a couple of things to know:

  • You must include the actual insured person in the application process. That person might need to answer some questions over the telephone or sign a paper application.
  • We advise our clients to set up automatic bank drafts to ensure continued coverage. After going to all the trouble to find a good plan, you do not want it to lapse because somebody forget to mail in a payment.

Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors in Wisconsin

Even people with preexisting medical conditions can buy a burial policy. Guaranteed life insurance for seniors asks no health questions. However, the insured person has to outlive a waiting period in order to qualify for the entire death benefit. Before that, the policy might only refund previous payments or pay the beneficiaries a part of the face value. You can also find simplified issue policies that ask a few health questions, and these are cheaper, offer an immediate death benefit, and might also offer more benefit choices. Also, some of these plans even offer life insurance to relatively health people over 80.

What is the Best Wisconsin Funeral Insurance for Seniors?

By now, you realize that there is not one right company or plan for everybody. However, we give you an easy way to compare prices and benefits for yourself or your parents. Just enter your home ZIP code into our online quote form. After reviewing competitive quotes, you are also welcome to call us for more information. By using our web tools and personal service, you can find the best final expense insurance for your family.